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Watercolor and Stenciled Paper Mandalas


I love using recycled materials. I cut out these snowflakes from the heavy cardstock backing piece of a pack of markers. I estimate it as 120-150lb cardstock. The 3-inch piece cut well, but the 2-inch one didn't cut cleanly. 

They are so light and airy in the hands, like the prettiest snowflakes. I love the rainbow line patterns on the 3-inch mandala above.

I did a second test with thinner, lighter 80 lb. cardstock. Results were similar with 2-inch and 3+ inch mandala cuts. The 3-inch piece from the heavier cardstock was much nicer, though. 

Here I tried using the 3-inch 80 lb. cardstock mandala as a stencil with watercolor paint. I brush-stamped a rainbow of colors on with a stencil brush.

Next time I'll use more concentrated watercolor paint and heavier backing paper so it doesn't wrinkle. Simple hot-press watercolor paper seems like the way to go.

I got the design for the mandala from a site called Free SVG Designs that is run by Erin, a graphic designer and papercrafter who generously shares the cut files that she makes. This particular design is called Mandala Monogram 381. Let me know if you try this out or have any tips!