Audrey M. Roy Greenfeld

Quietly building the future.

Ceramic Bird


This bird was half of a pair of two, an engagement gift from Aunt Lois in October of 2011. She gave them to us when we visited her in Florida.

They now sit on the ledge in our dining room. One bird kisses the other on the cheek. This one is the kisser, with its beak pointed straight out.

When I look at them, they remind me of the early days of our relationship. They remind me of that trip to Florida, when we last saw Aunt Lois and Uncle Bill, and when we met cousin Mitch who took us to a swamp where we saw a mother alligator with her babies.

That was the same trip where Danny heroically ran into the ocean to save a girl who turned out not to be drowning, and his glasses remained in the ocean. He had a spare pair with him, thankfully. I took this all as a sign that he'd be a good father to our children one day.